Skin Needling Robina Procedure Gives your Skin a Fresh and Healthy Look

Skin Needling Robina Procedure Gives your Skin a Fresh and Healthy Look

Skin Needling Robina therapy is a great way to help regenerate the damaged skin, smooth out scars, and even out the texture and tone of the skin. Acne can leave behind scars and pock marks.

Skin Needling is a procedure that involves passing a portable, single-use, sterile roller across the skin to puncture the very first layer of skin with thousands of microscopic medical needle columns.

Each column penetrates the skin’s dermis, which swiftly closes afterward, allowing the skin to recuperate quickly.

How skin needling procedure can help you with?

Skin needling can treat:

  •   Wrinkles and fine lines
  •   Surgical scars or breakouts
  •   Massive pores
  •   Sun fading
  •   Hyperpigmentation and age spots
  •   Stretch stains
  •   Rough textures and patches
  •   Scars from chickenpox

The severity of the issue will determine how many treatments are required. It is advised that you receive three treatments spaced out by six weeks, although it is possible that you will require more.

Skin Needling Robina

After that, as new collagen and elastin are growing! Thus, your body will begin to naturally rejuvenate and mend the skin by working in the dermis beneath the skin’s surface. This algologie skin care treatment will help to produce new skin cells and improve the blood flow.

What are the important skin needling advantages?

  •   Improves the skin’s tone and texture
  •   It can lessen wrinkles and fine lines.
  •   Stimulates the formation of collagen
  •   Scars and hyperpigmentation can be lessened using it.

When you will see results?

Usually, a week or so after your treatment, you’ll start to notice some improvement in the texture of your skin. However, it may take up to six weeks before you start to notice more significant changes.

Over the ensuing months, the process will continue, giving your skin a natural and long-lasting improvement.

After the procedure, skin needling requires no recovery time. Your skin may feel tight and flushed afterward, but these side effects will pass in a few hours, and any remaining redness will decrease over the following several days.

With each treatment, you won’t experience these side effects as much because your skin will get tougher.

How to take care of skin after needling treatment?

Taking care of your skin after treatment is crucial, and using moisturizer and sun protection consistently is essential. Your skin may start to feel dry as it begins to heal itself, therefore the cosmetic doctor will advise you to apply a moisturizer.

After the skin needling Robina treatment, you must use a chemical-free, high-factor sunscreen every day and limit your exposure to the sun for two weeks.

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