5 Items That Every Eco-Friendly Salon Should Have

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5 Items That Every Eco-Friendly Salon Should Have

Customers of all industries are becoming more and more aware of the waste and climate crisis and the effect that businesses have on the world around us. Hair salons can often have a large environmental impact and use a lot of resources unnecessarily if they do not check their environmental footprint.

With that being said, here are 5 items that every eco-friendly salon should have:

Disposable Salon Towels

Did you know that traditional cotton salon towels use up the limited resources of water and electricity by having to be constantly washed and dried in an effort to eliminate the transferral of bacteria? But what other options do salons have? Disposable, biodegradable salon towels are definitely the way of the future.

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Biodegradable Gloves

Each time you throw away a pair of plastic salon gloves, you could be filling a landfill for many years to come. But biodegradable, nitrile gloves break down in just a matter of weeks and can be thrown in with your regular trash. Nitrile gloves are extremely comfortable and allow for movement and dexterity.


Eco-wipes are just like normal colour wipes, except they have a non-intrusive scent and are designed to completely break down in a matter of weeks, just like biodegradable gloves and towels. Offer your customers a gentler, more eco-friendly solution!

Organic Hand Sanitiser

With the pandemic still around, every salon should invest in a good, organic hand sanitiser for both their staff and their customers to make use of. An organic hand sanitiser is far gentler on your hands and surfaces than a non-organic one.

Compostable Bin Bags

A compostable bin bag will break down over time and is a great way to dispose of all of your compostable and biodegradable waste.

Not only is becoming more eco-friendly the right thing to do. It is incredibly rewarding, and your clientele will definitely respect you for it.

Are you looking to buy biodegradable disposable salon towels? Or any of the other items on this list? Browse the Affordable Eco Solutions website to see the affordable and eco-friendly products that we offer! We also have a starter bundle on offer!

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