Hair Myths We Need To Stop Believing

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Hair Myths We Need To Stop Believing

There are many myths surrounding hair. And as professional hairdressers in Pymble, we often hear our clients telling us about hair myths that they believe to be fact and have believed their whole lives. While some of these hair myths have some truth and are relatively harmless, some are completely false and the narrative surrounding them should be changed!

Here are some of the hair myths that we need to stop believing.

Pulling Out A Grey Hair Causes More To Grow

This is a very popular myth, and it is unclear where it originated. Many of us are often tempted to pull out grey hair but are then deterred when thinking about this myth. The truth? Grey hair is caused by your hair follicles that have stopped producing melanin. Without melanin, hair turns grey. Therefore, pulling out that odd grey hair does not cause more to grow.

Shaving Your Creates Thicker Hair

If someone is struggling with damaged or thinning hair, a common antidote is to shave their hair and start afresh to create thicker hair. Unfortunately, this is not the case. While shorter hair may appear thicker and you may have the opportunity to start fresh and create a healthier haircut, your hair will not become magically thicker if you shave it off.

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Trimming Your Hair Frequently Helps It Grow

A very common myth says trimming your hair helps it grow. Trimming has absolutely no effect on hair growth. But trimming your hair should occur often to get rid of split ends and keep your hair looking neat.

Brushing Your Hair A Lot Is Good For Your Hair

The fact of the matter is that if you brush your hair too often, you could end up damaging your hair by creating more hair fall. Brushing your hair while it is wet is particularly bad for it. You should always brush your hair when it is damp or dry.

Shampooing Causes Hair Loss

Shampooing is healthy for your hair and won’t cause hair loss. As hairdressers in Pymble, we know this to be true.

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