Traction Alopecia Treatment – How To Reduce Scalp Stress

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Traction Alopecia Treatment – How To Reduce Scalp Stress

Are you looking for alopecia treatment? Traction alopecia is hair loss caused by scalp stress, particularly the stress produced by tight pulling and tugging on the hair shaft or traction. However, the tugging or tight pulling on the hair shaft is the reason for hair loss. Therefore you need an alopecia treatment.

Specific Causes of Scalp Stress

It is tough to visualise that a woman is considering a hair transplant in her twenties, and undoubtedly, it is happening to a considerable number of girls worldwide. Traction alopecia is a hair loss condition that occurs from damage to the hair follicle and dermal papilla from consistent tugging and pulling on the hair for a long time.

However, the tugging or pulling on the hair shaft is because of the various hairstyles like tightly plaited braids or pigtails, tightly woven cornrows or any style that includes tightly weaving the hair.

Not Just for Women

Meticulously, this treatment is not for women only. However, the number of women suffering from this condition is huge, but there are also growing numbers of men who experienced massive hair loss from traction alopecia.

Although, males and females both do the hairstyles described above. Moreover, continuously making hairstyles that tugs and pulls tightly on the hair shaft for a long time can face extreme damage to hair follicles that become the reason for traction alopecia.

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Another Cause of Traction Alopecia

Do you know that overdoing your hair can also be the reason for scalp stress that leads to hair loss? However, the chemical treatments of hair like bleaches, dyes, or straighteners will disturb your hair’s keratin structure and diminish the tensile strength of the hair. Thus it will result in excessive hair falling when you brush your hair, and also, your hair becomes quite brittle.

The Best Traction Alopecia Treatment

If you want to save yourself from this condition, then you must change your hairstyle. It is vital to make loose hairstyles, and if you still choose to make your hair styles like tight braids or tightly woven cornrows or any hair weaving, then it will damage your hair follicles.

Also, do the extra care of your hair, and avoid using chemical bleaches, dyes and heat products for your headband. It will help you in lessening the scalp stress, which leads to this problem.

Succinctly, the best traction alopecia treatment is to take care of your hair correctly and not use too many chemical containing products that will lead you to this condition. However, the earlier you know, the better you can do the treatment.

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