Why is a Box of pink Roses so expensive?

by Hunter Cowen
Why is a Box of pink Roses so expensive?

Special people always deserve special gifts. Roses are one most adored flowered due to its beauty and symbolic importance in almost all language literature. It is also one of the most harvested flowers in the world. A box of pink roses is not expensive, but if it is preserved, it could be expensive. The pink roses symbolize grace, attitude and joy, making it best for gifting on joyous occasions.


Pink roses are not so rare and maybe bought fresh, but still, there are some areas where roses cannot be grown. The trend of the preserved flower is becoming more and more popular as these can be enjoyed for years. There cannot be any other better gift than preserved flowers. A small box can cost you 40 $, which is not too hefty.


From the year’s roses are a good gift for greeting and its remarkable fragrance. If you want to present it as a memorable gift, you should buy preserved pink roses. You will find numerous expensive flowers in a box sellers around you, and everyone uses their own way to pack the flowers such as Boquete, Boxes or in singles. If you are looking for a gift for someone special, then it should be well organized and should be perfect flowers. Choosing the best flowers for your dear ones is the best way to show your gratitude.

What to see in a rose gift box?

  •         The flowers for the gift box should be collected keenly; every collected flower has to be perfect to be part of the gift box.
  •         The petals should not fall apart from the flower.
  •         The box should be attractive and different shapes such as heart shape, as it makes it even lovely. 
  •         If the flowers are preserved, then the life of flowers should be written as these are expensive ones.
  •         If you are ordering flowers online, ask the seller for delivery as seen in images.

What is the best season for planting pink roses?

The best growing season for roses is spring if you want to grow at your home garden. In spring, there are no chances of frosting at all.


A box of pink roses can only be bought from commercial sellers; many online stores like Lamour Roses Boutique sells best quality roses. If you are buying for someone special, you should be very avid about gifts.