Remove The Scars – Treatments In Brisbane

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Remove The Scars – Treatments In Brisbane

There’s only one thing worse than acne – acne scars. They’re a natural result of chronic acne and threaten to stay for a long, long time. However, acne scars are no big deal. There have always been creams and in-house solutions to reducing the scars. But now acne scar treatment Brisbane has reached a whole new level. Cosmetic Images Clinic of Brisbane is one such image that treats acne scarring through four main methods;

Topical Application:

creams that contain Retinoids, silicone sheeting, or gels can be used to heal the scars.


steroid injections can help reduce scarring

Surgery: this is normally the last option people resort to but measures, such as silicone sheeting and pressure, are taken to ensure there is no regrowth of acne or scars

Cross techniques (strong chemical peels):

strong chemical peels (high concentration Trichloroacetic) result in significant cell renewal which is very helpful in treating acne scars.

Cosmetic Image Clinics is a medically supervised clinic in Brisbane that offers credibility, quality, and an experienced set of professionals that can give you exactly what you need

Brisbane Skin Dermatologists is also keen on delivering quality service. Visible scars on the face are a cause for insecurity in many people, and this clinic aims to improve the skin as well as the self-esteem! You can get in touch with a free nurse or therapist consultation to discuss your individual concerns and treatment plan that caters to your needs and wants. Brisbane Skin has its own bundle of acne scar treatments which include:

TCA Cross:

a particular form of localized peel whereby TCS is inserted into icepick and small box car scars. This is a weekend downtime procedure that helps shallow out deeper scars over a series of treatment.

RadioFrequency Needling:

These devices deliver controlled radio frequency energy through fine gold pins into columns of skin up to 3.5mm in depth, breaking down scar tissue and promoting collagen remodeling. RF needling is generally performed with anesthetic gels and local blocks.

Ablative Laser:

For dramatic results, this is the best decision. It is considered to be the most effective skin resurfacing techniques. In addition to removing damaged skin, the laser stimulates underlying skin cells to trigger collagen production and break down scars.

Advanced acne scar treatments have given dermatologists an edge by undertaking instant measures and treatments plans to reduce and completely remodel the scar tissues.