How To Find The Inspiration For Your Next Hairstyle?

by Hunter Nowland
How To Find The Inspiration For Your Next Hairstyle?

 So, you have the urge to change your hair. In fact, you are itching for a change! But the problem is that you are unsure what change to make. Should you chop your long hair into a blunt bob? Should you go from brunette to blonde? Or will a Keratin treatment do the trick?

Great power and confidence come with changing your hair, so long as you make the right change!

As an experienced hair salon near Lindfield, we’ll give you some top advice for finding the inspiration for your next hairstyle, as well as how to ascertain that it will be a change you won’t regret!

Ask Your Friends And Family For Advice

Your friends and family know you better than anyone. More than knowing which hairstyle will suit your face, they will know what will suit your personality and lifestyle, which is just as important. Your friends and family may also have suggestions and ideas that you may never have thought of.

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Speak To People With Different Haircuts

Want to know what certain haircuts require in terms of maintenance and styling? Speak to people that have them!

Look To Social Media For Ideas

If you are stuck for ideas, we recommend that you take a look at TikTok, Instagram and Pinterest. These platforms are ideal for getting in touch with the latest trends and perhaps deciding which of these latest trends may suit you. While magazines may seem outdated, you’ll be amazed at some of the articles in them, especially about changing your hair.

Ask Your Hairdresser For Advice

Hairdressers are experts when it comes to colours, complementary shapes and more. They should also be in tune with all of the latest trends and styles and should be able to present you with a few options that will suit what you are looking for.

How To Ensure You’re Making The Right Decision

  • The idea of the new hairstyle just feels right.
  • You are able to afford the maintenance and upkeep of your new hairstyle.
  • You have not made a rushed decision (especially if it is a big change).

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