Tips For Removing Hair Dye From Skin

by Hunter Nowland
Tips For Removing Hair Dye From Skin

 If you’re a professional hairstylist, you would have already been fully trained in how to remove hair dye from your client’s skin. But if you’re new to this or are perhaps looking at colouring your hair at home, you may be worried about how you’re going to remove any mistakes if you happen to get hair dye on your skin.

So What’s The Solution?

While you may find many at-home remedies out there on the internet, there is truly no better solution than professional colour remover wipes that are specially formulated to remove colour. While you could try things like vaseline, it is always best to use a product that is specifically designed for its purpose.

No matter what type of solution or brand you plan on using, it is always best to get as little hair colour on the skin as possible. This is because the longer that hair colour stays on the skin, the harder it is to get off. It can also cause allergic reactions and inflammation if left on for too long.

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Tips To Remove Hair Dye From Your Skin

This is why you should be very careful, go slowly and ask for help if needed. You should remove dye during the dying process and not just at the end. Just remember not to rush and check around your eyes, neck and forehead for dye.

If you do happen to get hair colour on your skin, and the area becomes inflamed, you should wash it with cool water and apply moisturiser after using colour remover wipes.

Not All Colour Remover Wipes Are Created Equal

If you work in or own a busy salon, just think about the number of colour wipes you use on a daily basis. Now think about all these colour remover wipes just sitting in a landfill, taking up space and taking decades to decompose. Don’t like the idea of this? Well, there’s a solution for you!

Here at Affordable Eco Solutions, we provide eco-friendly, biodegradable colour wipes. So never feel guilty about the number of colour wipes you use again, as you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that the colour remover wipes you throw away will decompose within a matter of weeks.

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