6 Interesting Facts About Black Nitrile Gloves

6 Interesting Facts About Black Nitrile Gloves

When it comes to buying gloves, especially for work-related purposes, the choice can certainly be difficult. There are many choices out there and you may buy a box of 100 pairs of gloves only to realise that they are impractical on the first use!

The best thing you can do is inform yourself about the different options available and perhaps try a few of them out to make the best choice for you! However, there is one choice of glove that seems to outdo the rest: black nitrile gloves.

In this article, we’ll supply you with 6 interesting facts about black nitrile gloves.

#1 Latex Free

Did you know that around 1 to 5% of the world’s population is allergic to latex? With latex being a common material used in most gloves, this obviously presents an issue. Luckily, nitrile gloves are completely latex-free!

#2 Chemical Resistance

Nitrile gloves are resistant to most chemicals, corrosives and fluids, making them a very safe and durable glove to work with.

#3 They Are Used Across Many Different Industries

Nitrile gloves are used across many industries and by a long list of professionals, including chefs, doctors, nurses, tattoo artists, hairdressers, carpenters, and more!

Black Nitrile Gloves

#4 Hide The Dirt

Black has always been a stylish colour choice, and that is one of the reasons why black nitrile gloves are so popular. But more than that, black is also a very practical colour for a glove as it hides dirt, chemical traces and grease, allowing your staff to look less dirty.

#5 The Perfect Fit

Nitrile gloves shrink and stretch to fit the shape and size of your hand. While they come in different sizes, such as small, medium and large, when you buy the correct size, you’ll enjoy a snug, skin-tight fit.

#6 Biodegradable

One of the best things about nitrile gloves is that they are biodegradable!

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